Drug Info

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

• Dilated pupils: glazed appearance of the eyes
• Lack of concentration and coordination
• Craving for sweets
• Increased appetite
• Unusual laughter
• Appearance of plastic baggies, rolling papers
• Odor of burnt rope
• Altered perception of time

Signs of Depressant Abuse

Barbiturates - Tranquilizers

• Acting like intoxicated with no alcohol odor on breath
• Few facial expressions
• Complaints about being
• Complaints about being
• Disoriented
• Slurred speech

Signs of Hallucinogen Abuse

LSD, Mescaline

• Warm or clammy skin
• Odd body odor
• Sensitive to light or sound
• Dilated pupils
• Distorted image of self
• Flashbacks
• Poor perception self and environment
• Fast mood and behavior changes

Signs of Narcotic Abuse

Heroin, Morphine, Narcotic

• Lethargic or drowsy
• Nausea
• Euphoria
• Constricted pupils
• Red, cracked nasal passage from inhaling
• Scars (needle tracks) on arms or other parts of the body
• Possession of syringes, spoons, eye droppers
• Slurred speech

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

• Odor on breath
• Intoxication
• Difficulty focusing: glazed appearance of the eyes
• Uncharacteristically passive behavior; or combative and argumentative
• Deterioration in personal appearance and hygiene
• Development of dysfunction, job performance or school
• Absenteeism (particularly on Monday)
• Unexplained bruises or accidents
• Irritability
• Flushed skin
• Loss of memory (black outs)
• Consumption of alcohol becomes the focus
• Change in peer group
• Impaired interpersonal relationships (troubled marriage, terminate deep relationship, alienate close family members)

Signs of Inhalant Abuse

Glue, Solvents, Propellants

• Watery eyes
• Runny nose
• Odor on breath and clothing
• Drowsiness
• Poor muscle control
• Presence of baggies, plastic cements, or solvents
• Presence of pressurized containers (Pam, paint, gas, etc.)

Signs of Stimulant Abuse

Cocaine, Crack, Speed, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines

• Talkative but doesn't make sense
• Excessive activity, jittery
• May have no desire to eat or sleep
• Cotton mouth
• Irritable, may argue
• Dilated pupils
• Nervousness
• Runny nose
• Chronic sinus problems, nose bleeds
• Possession of spoons, razor blades, mirrors, little bottles, drinking straws

Signs of Angel Dust Abuse

• Unpredictable behavior and mood swings, may include violence
• Symptoms of intoxication but no odor of alcohol
• Oblivious to surroundings
• Excessive fear
• Rigid frame
• Strange walk
• Dilated pupils

Substance Abuse Warning Signs

Associated Behavior Characteristics

• Abrupt changes in: work or school attendance or performance
• Decrease in quality or quantity of work
• Unusual temper tantrums
• Loss in physical appearance, hygiene and grooming habits
• Wearing dark glasses at odd times
• Continual wearing of long sleeved garments
• Association with the wrong crowds/friends
• Disregard for responsibility
• Borrowing or stealing money
• Secretive and odd behavior