About Me


Associates of General Studies Degree from Dodge City Community College, Dodge City, KS 1995
Bachelor of Science Degree in Bible and Counseling from Barclay College, Haviland, KS 1997
Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, CENAPS 2001
Kansas Licensed Addiction Counselor
National Certified Addiction Counselor - Level I

Program Goals

To provide an emotionally safe treatment environment where outpatient substance use disorder services are free from ridicule, harassment, and personal bias; where support in sobriety is a priority, guidance for recovery is graciously given, and respect is a right.

"Most of us have no trouble admitting that addiction had become a destructive force in our lives. Our best efforts resulted in ever greater destruction and despair. At some point, we realized that we needed the help of some power greater than our addiction." Basic Text p24